Spanish Port

Produced exclusively in the Douro Valley of Northern Portugal, Port wine with its unique characteristics has become a favorite the world over

There are scores of different grape varieties used in the production of Port. This wine is more about the production methods used and fortification with spirit than the nuances that the fruit has to offer

Port is fortified. This means that there is an introduction of some type of distilled spirit to the wine during production. These wines can achieve an ABV of 20% or more

You will encounter one of two main types of Port. The first, Ruby Port, is the most common. It has a deep ruby color, is sweet, and has relatively little exposure to oak. Tawny Port is brown in color, is aged longer, and draws its color and character from longer exposure to oak

This wine is commonly used for desserts or a nightcap. Vintage Ports, with an actual year of production i.e. 1985, are far less common and usually quite spendy. Most ports are associated with a length of time of aging, like 4 year Port, or 10 year Port

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