Spanish Toro Red

Hailing from a small patch of land in central Spain, the Toro DO (region) produces a delicious wine called Tinto Del Toro.

Synonymous with Tempranillo, the region’s chalky soil imparts some characteristics resulting in richness not normally experienced by other Tempranillos.

Toro reds must contain a minimum of 75% Tempranillo, and use other blending grapes such as Garnacha. The wine is often aged in American oak for varying lengths of time.

Considering the “Noble Grape of Spain”, Tempranillo has beautiful notes of plum, berries, cherries, and tomato on the nose and palate. One will also taste notes of tobacco, vanilla, herb, and leather resulting from oak aging.

This wine typically throws medium plus tannins, lower acid, with relatively medium alcohol. Pair this wine with red sauce pastas, polenta, pizza, and Mexican food. Reasonably priced, this wine is one to enjoy frequently.


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