Chilean Syrah

Syrah is a big, thick-skinned grape that originates in the Rhone Valley, yet has found is home in hot climates all over the world.

Chilean Syrah is a big, bold luscious wine that, given Chile’s diverse climate, changes from region to region. Expect a lot of spice, lots of black fruit juice and compelling complexity.

There is a lot of faith in Chilean Syrah. Plantings almost doubled from 2008-2012, this style of wine is starting to really turn the heads of some of the world’s top wine critics.

The most renowned Syrah regions in Chile are Colchagua, Maipo and Limari, all of which bring an array of different aromas, flavors and levels of complexity to the table.

Syrahs are happiest when they have a strongly flavored, hearty food to stand up to. Think casseroles, big peppery steaks and relatively spicy curries.


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